Welcome to Gemstone.
Image display software written in Ruby

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Gemstone is a 'gallery' program written for standard webservers.
It does not require installing any frameworks, and has only a few requirements.
Currently it requires Apache, mod_ruby, mysql-ruby, and RMagick. (RMagick requires GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick)
I am currently using Apache with mod_ruby, and MySQL for the database backend.
I may offer more options later on for the backend, including other database servers and simple flatfile storage.
The images are stored simply as files under self-generated directories. Gemstone is being designed to make installation
and administration as simple as possible, without giving up control and security.

More information to come. (yes my site sucks for now. I figured I should put something)

0.0.2 (i guess)
- I've added support for comments. They add, and display, and that's about it.
- Still expanding the classes - added one for comments.
- Extended Time class to make converting to/from mysql datetime format easy.